High Quality Pine Bark Plant Extract/OPC/100% Grape Seed Extract

Product Name ] pine bark extract / grape seed extract[ Appearance ] red brown Powder[ Part Used ]  bark/ seed[ Active Ingredients ] 60%-95% opc[ Shelf Life ] 2 years if sealed and store away from direct sun light.[ Main Functions ] A) Inhibiting activities against a-glycosidaseB) Inhibitin

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Product Name ] pine bark extract / grape seed extract
[ Appearance ] red brown Powder

[ Part Used ]  bark/ seed

[ Active Ingredients ] 60%-95% opc

[ Shelf Life ] 2 years if sealed and store away from direct sun light.

[ Main Functions ] 
A) Inhibiting activities against a-glycosidase
B) Inhibiting activities against viruses
C) Inhibiting activities against tumor metastasis
D) Inhibiting activities against a-amylase
E) Blood sugar lowering activities
F) Free radical scavenging activities
G) Immune adjustment activities
H) Weight loss activities by preventing absorption

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High Quality Pine Bark Plant Extract/OPC/Grape Seed Extract

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Main Standard Extract Powder List
No. English NameLatin NameSpecificationTest
1 Acai Berry ExtractEuterpe Oleracea L.4:1TLC
2 American Ginseng ExtractPanax quinquefolius80%GinsenosideUV-VIS
3 Baical Skullcap Root ExtractScutellaria baicalensis20%-95% BaicalinUV-VIS
4 Bilberry ExtractVaccinium Myrtillus L25%AnthocyaninsUV-VIS
5 Broccoli Seeds ExtractBrassicaoleracea L.0.8%%SulforaphaneHPLC
6 Echinacea ExtractEchinacea Purpurea4%Chicoric AcidHPLC
7 Feverfew ExtractTanacetum parthenium L.0.8%ParthenolideHPLC
8 Ginkgo Biloba ExtractGinkgo biloba24%FlavonesHPLC
9 Ginseng ExtractPanax ginseng C. A. Mey80%GinsenosideUV-VIS
10 Gotu Kola ExtractCentella asiatica90%AsiaticosideHPLC
11 Green Coffee Bean ExtractCoffea Arabica L45%Chlorogenic acidHPLC
12 Ginger ExtractZingiber officinale5% 6-GingerolHPLC
13 Grape Skin ExtractVitis Vinifera L.5%,10%ResveratrolHPLC
14 Giant Knotweed ExtractPolygonum Cuspidatum50%,98%ResveratrolHPLC
15 Griffonia Seed ExtractGriffonia Simplicifolia.50%,98% 5-HTPHPLC
16 Horny Goat Weed ExtractEpimedium Brevicornum10%-98%IcariinHPLC
17 Honeysuckle flower ExtractFlos Lonicerae98%Chlorogenic AcidHPLC
18 Marigold Extract/LuteinTagetes erecta L.20%LuteinHPLC
19 Mangosteen ExtractGarcinia mangostana L10%α-mangostinHPLC
20 Macleaya Cordata ExtractMacleaya cordata60%Total AlkaloidHPLC
21 Mulberry Leave ExtractMorus alba1%1-DNJHPLC
22 Milk Thistle ExtractSilybum marianum80%SilymarinUV-VIS
23 Lo Han Guo ExtractMomordica Grosvenori80%MogrosidesUV-VIS
24 Red Clover ExtractTrifolium pratense8%IsoflavinesHPLC
25 Rosemary ExtractRosmarinus officinalis10%Rosmarinic acidHPLC
26 Rhodiola Rosea ExtractRhodiola rosea3%RosavinsHPLC
27 St. John s Wort ExtractHypericum perforatum0.3%HypericinHPLC
29 Turmeric ExtractCurcuma Longa L.95%CurcuminHPLC
30 Irvingia Gabonensis ExtractIrvingia Gabonensis7% Albumins,10:1UV-VIS
31 Devil's Claw ExtractHarpagophytum procumbens5% HarpagosideUV-VIS
32 Olive Leaf ExtractOlea europea L20%OleuropeinHPLC
33 Pomegranate ExtractPunica granatum L.40% ellagic acidUV-VIS
34 Saw Palmetto ExtractSerenoa repens25% Fatty AcidGC
35 Soybean ExtractGlycine max.40% IsoflavonesHPLC
36 Cnidium Fruit ExtractCinidium monnieri60%,80%OstholeHPLC
37 Raspberry ExtractRubus Chingii Hu98% Raspberry KetonesHPLC
38 Reishi Mushroom ExtractGanoderma lucidum40%PolysaccharideUV-VIS
39 Magnolia Bark ExtractMagnolia officinalis95%Magnolol+HonokioHPLC
40 Schisandra ExtractSchisandra chinensis9%SchisandrinsHPLC
Natural Plant Extracts Powder
No.Chinese NameEnglish NameLatin NameSpecificationTest
1 Magnolia Bark ExtractMagnolia officinalis2% - 98% Magnolol, HonokiolHPLC
2 Common Cnidium ExtractCnidium monnieri10% - 98% OstholeHPLC
3 Dan-Shen Root ExtractSalvia miltiorrhiza10% - 90% Tanshinone IIAHPLC
4 Artemisia ExtractArtemisia annua L.95%, 98% Artemisic acidHPLC
5 Rosemary ExtractRosmarinus officinalis5%-60%Carnosic acidHPLC
6 Red Chilli ExtractCapsicum frutescens L.5%-98%CapsaicinHPLC
7 Cortex Moutan ExtractPaeonia Suffruticosa99%PaeonolHPLC
8 Saw Palmetto Extract powder and oilSerenoa Repens25%-45% Fatty acids 85% oilGC
Natural Nutrition & Health Oils
9 Pomegranate Seed OilPunica granatum L.80% Punicic acidHPLC
10 Seabuckthorn OilHippophae rhamnoidesFruit OilGC
11 Schisandra Fruit OilSchisandra chinensis2%γ-schisandrinHPLC
12 Angelica OilAngelica sinensis40% LigustilideHPLC
13 Lovage rhizome OilLigusticum chuanxiong10% - 40%LigustilideHPLC
14 Ginger OilZingiber officinale20%Ginger oleoresinHPLC
Natural Aroma Essential Oils
15 Jasmine Essential OilJasminum sambacCO2 extracted-


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