Diabetes Treatment Gynostemma Extract Gypenosides 80%, 95%, 98%

Gynostemma ExtractBotanical Source: Gynostemma pentaphyllum(Thunb. )Mak.Part Used: Aerial partsSpecification: Gypenosides 80%, 95%, 98% By UVCAS No.: 80321-63-7Functions:1. Lipid-lowering effect;2. Prevent and treat glucocorticoid side effects;3. Anti-aging effects, can enhance the body immune function;4. Anti-hyperlipidemia, an

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Gynostemma Extract
Botanical Source: Gynostemma pentaphyllum(Thunb. )Mak.
Part Used: Aerial parts
Specification: Gypenosides 80%, 95%, 98% By UV
CAS No.: 80321-63-7

1. Lipid-lowering effect;
2. Prevent and treat glucocorticoid side effects;
3. Anti-aging effects, can enhance the body immune function;
4. Anti-hyperlipidemia, anti-atherosclerosis, antithrombotic, anti-tumor, offsetting;
5. Anti-cancer, gynostemma is effect on liver cancer, lung cancer, uterine cancer and melanoma and other cancer cells, can inhibit the proliferation;

1. Gynostemma is also a powerful antioxidant and has adaptogenic properties.
2. Gynostemma Extract also is beneficial to digestion and nutrient absorption.
3. In China, Gynostemma is often used as an anti-inflammatory, a detoxifier, a cough remedy, and as a treatment for chronic bronchitis.

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Product NameGynostemma ExtractBatch NumberGPE-171106
Botanical SourceGynostemma PentaphyllumBatch Quantity500kgs 
Plant Part UsedAerial parts ,100% NaturalCountry of OriginChina
Extraction RatioStandard ExtractActive Ingredient MarkersGypenosides
Analysis ItemsSpecificationsResults Methods used
AppearanceFine Light Yellow PowderConformsVisual test
Odor & TasteCharacteristicConformsOrganoleptic test
Bulk Density45-55g/100mlConformsASTM D1895B
Particle Size98% through 80 meshConformsAOAC 973.03
SolubilitySoluble in waterConformsVisual
AssayNLT 95% Gypenosides95.25%UV
Loss on DryingNMT 5.0%2.53%5g /105ºC /2hrs
Residue on IgnitionNMT 5.0%2.02%2g /525ºC /3hrs
Extract SolventsEthanol & WaterConforms/
Solvent ResiduesNMT 0.05%ConformsUSP-GC
Heavy MetalsNMT 10ppmConformsAtomic Absorption
Arsenic (As)NMT 2ppmConformsAtomic Absorption
Lead (Pb)NMT 3ppmConformsAtomic Absorption
Cadmium (Cd)NMT 1ppmConformsAtomic Absorption
Mercury (Hg)NMT 0.1ppmConformsAtomic Absorption
666NMT 0.1ppmConformsUSP-GC
DDTNMT 0.5ppmConformsUSP-GC
AcephateNMT 0.2ppmConformsUSP-GC
MethamidophosNMT 0.2ppmConformsUSP-GC
Parathion-ethylNMT 0.2ppmConformsUSP-GC
PCNBNMT 0.1ppmConformsUSP-GC
AflatoxinsNMT 0.2ppbAbsentUSP-HPLC
Sterilization MethodHigh temperature & pressure for a short time of 5~10 seconds
Microbiological DataTotal Plate Count < 1,000cfu/gConforms GB 4789.2
Total Yeast & Mold < 100cfu/g Conforms GB 4789.15
E. Coli to be negativeNegativeGB 4789.3
Staphylococcus to be negativeNegativeGB 4789.4
Salmonella to be absentAbsentGB 4789.10
Packing and StoragePacked in fiber drum, LDPE bag inside. Net weight: 25kgs/drum. 
Keep tightly sealed, store away from moisture, strong heat and sunlight.
Shelf Life2 years if sealed and stored in the recommended conditions.


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