100% Natural Gynostemma Extract Gypenosides 40%, 80%, 90%, 98%

Product name100% natural gynostemma extractBotanical sourceGynostemma pentaphyllum(Thunb. )MakinoSpecificationGypenosides 40%,80%,90%,98%Brown-yellow fine powderProduct advantages100% naturalEnhance athletic performanceNon-hormonal nutritional supplementMain F

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Product name

100% natural gynostemma extract

Botanical source

Gynostemma pentaphyllum(Thunb. )Makino


Gypenosides 40%,80%,90%,98%
Brown-yellow fine powder

Product advantages

100% natural
Enhance athletic performance
Non-hormonal nutritional supplement

Main Functions

anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer, respiratory tonic,
 platelet regulator, anti-hyperlipidemic, 
cholesterol regulator, anti-obesity, liver protecting, 
triglyceride lowering
2.Antihypertensive, hypolipidemic, constipation, 
soothes the nerves governing custody of improving immunity,
enhance physical strength; weakness, reduce or 
eliminate symptoms of fatigue, aging, improve mental 
activities to enhance brain function.
3.Maintain cardiovascular health, anti - Sclerosis; 
inhibit the formation of thrombus.
4.Sedation, hypnosis, anti-tight, white-haired governance, 
treatment of headaches.



Assay(UV)          Gynosaponin 80%             83.26%
Color                         Yellowish brown                 Corresponding
Mesh                         80mesh                              Corresponding
Ash                           ≤5%                                     Corresponding
Heavy Metal             ≤10ppm                              Corresponding
Arsenic(As)             ≤2ppm                                 Corresponding
Lead(Pb)                  ≤2PPm                               Corresponding
Loss on Drying        ≤5%                                     4.13%
Total Plate               <1000CFU/g                       Corresponding
Yeast&Mold             <100CFU/g                         Corresponding
Salmonella               Negative                              Negative
E.Coli                       Negative                              Negative

*Anticancer effect. Has inhibitory effect on cell proliferation of liver cancer, lung cancer, uterine cancer and
 melanoma sarcoma cancer.
*Anti-aging effect. It can enhance the immune function of organism. 
*Reducing blood lipid.
*Preventing the side effects of glucocorticoid and etc..

Pharmaceutical industry
Tea Induatry
Food processing

Packaging & Shipping
1.Packing:Net Weight:25kgs/Drum,Gross Weight:28kgs/Drum.
2.Shipment:We could ship by EMS, DHL ,TNT and China air mail post or by sea please contact us for quotation.
3.Delivery:Within 1~5 days after receiving the confirmed order
4.Freight:the freight cost will charge according to the weight of detailed order.
5.Payment: T/T ,LC.And If you need other payment method,please contact us asap. 

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