Premium herbal product Ginkgo biloba extract softgels

Herb Products Ginkgo Biloba Softgel SpecificationsHerb Products Ginkgo Biloba SoftgelPackage : Bulk / Bottle / Blister12#OblongGMP,HACCP,ISO9001,FDA,BRCapprovedQuality control with our R&D TeamHerb Products Ginkgo Biloba Softgel DetailsProduct Name : Herb Products Ginkgo Biloba Softgel Main materials 

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Herb Products Ginkgo Biloba Softgel Specifications

Herb Products Ginkgo Biloba Softgel
Package : Bulk / Bottle / Blister
Quality control with our R&D Team

Herb Products Ginkgo Biloba Softgel Details

Product NameHerb Products Ginkgo Biloba Softgel
Main materials : Ginkgo Biloba Extract 40mg , Vitamin E : 100IU , Garlic oil 0.1mg
Direction: Twice daily, take 2 capsules per time.
Specification : 1000mg/500mg

Certificate : GMP,HACCP,ISO9001,FDA, Halal Certificate, BRC
Mini order quantity : 300000Grains
Storage :  Seal and keep it in a cool, shady and dry place. 

Herb Products Ginkgo Biloba Softgel Health function:

1, delay aging, lowers high blood fat;

2, to promote blood circulation, improve nerve endings circulatory disturbance, prevent deadlimb.

Availability: middle age and elderly.

Herb Products Ginkgo Biloba Softgel Well balance nutrition:

1, Ginko capsule+propolis capsule,spirulina tablet: lower high blood fat, high blood pressure;

2, Ginko capsule+lecithin capsule: be good for head, delay aging.

Herb Products Ginkgo Biloba Softgel from Hualiu

    High Quality Herb Products Ginkgo Biloba Extract Softgel


    Hualiu Manufacture

    1. Manufacturing capacity we have 17 large imported softgel encapsulation lines
    2. Our production is organized by an engineer with 20 years' exerience
    3. You will be refund if the product is not qualified by the third party lab
    4. You are welcome to have a plant tour

    Hualiu Softgel OEM Scale and Strength

    1. We have 17 large imported softgel encapsulation lines and supporting equipments with the daily production capacity of 15 million pieces, daily packaging capability of 100.000 bottles.
    2. We have 15 years' experience of softgel production and we can produce enteric coated, double color, sustained release, chewable and allotype softgels etc. With the leading technology of the word.
    3. We have passed the certifications of GMP, HACCP, ISO9001, ISOOHASA18001, FDA and BRC for global retail.
    4. We have over 1200 global formulas and can manufacture softgels of lipid soluble, powder, alcohol, paste and extract, etc.

    Production Line:
    High Quality Herb Products Ginkgo Biloba Extract Softgel

      Huaiu Trade Information 
      Supply ability          Daily production capacity of 15 million pieces, daily packaging capability of 100.000 bottles
    Delivery time  About 20 days after receiving your pre-payment
    Payment term          T/T, L/C, Western Union, Money Gram
        Port   China
    Mini order quantity      300 000 Caps /formula
      Sample      We can provide the free samples for you to estimate


    Hualiu Package Details:
    Bulk Pack, Bottling (PET/PE),Blister,Glass bottle
    Box & Carton: 40cm X 25cm X 20cm /carton 15000 piece each bag; 10 bags to one carton

    • BULK: 500mg/softgel, 15000PCS/CTN 1000mg/Softgel,6000PCS/CTN 1200mg/softgel, 5000PCS/CTN
    • BOTTLE: 60 pcs,100pcs or others per bottle, 96 bottles per carton
    • Aluminum Foil: 10pcs or 15pcs /blister

    High Quality Herb Products Ginkgo Biloba Extract Softgel
    High Quality Herb Products Ginkgo Biloba Extract Softgel


    Hualiu Softgel OEM Scale and Strength
    Hualiu Feature
    1. Competitive Price
    2. Provide products to customer specifications or develop customized products
    3. Design and develop new formulas to support client's growth
    4. Furnish products in both bulk and retail packaging
    5. Supply private label products
    6. Substitute registration documents
    7. Provide solutions to your business either through products or services
    High Quality Herb Products Ginkgo Biloba Extract Softgel
    Hualiu Ensure
    1. A leading facility to deliver for Innovation and cutting edge production.
    2. Experience with more than 1.500 formulas date base
    3. Well-equipped chemical analytical Lab runing by 30 trained professionals
    4. Felicity professional sales team supported by Regular Affairs and Formulation people understanding your business and your target market
    5. On-time delivery
    6. Cost effective production
    7. Empathy in dealing with customer complaints
    8. Our focus is on meeting your needs

    1, Are you a manufacturer?
    * Yes, The baihe Company was established in 1996, with 7 facilities to produce softgel, hard capsule and tablet, powder, pill and granule and refined fish oil etc.

    2, What countries your product have been sold to?
    * The product has been exported to over 40 countries, such as USA, Canada, Europe etc.

    3, Do you have your own laboratory and what itmes you can test?
    * Yes, The Company has 3 laboratories that pass CNAS certification, all the test machines from USA, such as GC, HPLC etc. the Company can test assy of active ingredients, heavy metal, microorgansim, physical & chemicl index, Pesticide etc.

    4, What's the standard or specification your Company adopted?
    * The Company set up complete standard and specification for each country, the mainly standards is from USA, Europe, China.

    5, Could you produce the product according to our formula?
    * Yes, the Company is the leading contract manufacturer in China, we can produce the product according to your formula.

    6, What's the MOQ of each product and how about the delivery time?
    * the MOQ of each product according to the materials, the regular MOQ is 300,000pcs, the delivery time is about 25 to 40 days.

    7, Could you help us to register the product in our Country?
    * Yes, we will very glad to provide this service to you.


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