High Quality Hawthorn Extract

Product DescriptionHawthorn Extract, Vitexin-2-O-Rhamnoside, Rhamnosylvitexin, Crataegus Pinnatifida Product nameSpecificationAnalytical method PackingHawthorn extractGeneral flavone≥3%-10%UV25kg/fiber canHawthorn extractGeneral flavone10-50%UV25kg/fiber canHawthorn extractGeneral flavone60-90%UV10kg/fiber canHawtho

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High Quality Hawthorn Extract
Product Description
Hawthorn Extract, Vitexin-2-O-Rhamnoside, Rhamnosylvitexin, Crataegus Pinnatifida
Product nameSpecificationAnalytical method Packing
Hawthorn extractGeneral flavone≥3%-10%UV25kg/fiber can
Hawthorn extractGeneral flavone10-50%UV25kg/fiber can
Hawthorn extractGeneral flavone60-90%UV10kg/fiber can
Hawthorn leaves extractRhamnosylvitexin2.0-30.0%HPLC25kg/fiber can
Hawthorn leaves extractGeneral flavone10-50% UV25kg/fiber can
Hawthorn leaves extractGeneral flavone60-90% UV10kg/fiber can

1 Hawthorn extract-- flavonoids
Product introduction:
Hawthorn extract is extracted from mature hawthorn fruit including nuclear. The main 
active ingredients are organic acids and flavonoids, with effect of digestive, cardiac blood pressure, reducing blood fat and other pharmacological effects.  It is mainly used in the treatment of indigestion, high blood lipids, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, and so on.
It has the functions like: softening vascular, vasodilation blood vessels, improve myocardial functions, etc. It has significant effects on decrease blood pressure and strengthen heart functions.
2 Hawthorn leaf extract--Rhamnosylvitexin/ Vitexin-2-O-rhamnoside
Product introduction
Rhamnosylvitexin is a natural active ingredient of Crataegus Pinnatifida.
Rhamnosylvitexin is mainly used to cure cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. It has certain regulatory effect on endothelial cells to produce vascular active substance. It has the function of treat ischemic heart disease.
Molecular formula of rhamnosylvitexin: C27H30O14
Molecular weight of rhamnosylvitexin: 578.52
Cas no.: 64820-99-1
Hawthorn Extract, Vitexin-2-O-Rhamnoside, Rhamnosylvitexin, Crataegus Pinnatifida

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Main Standard Extract Powder List
No. English NameLatin NameSpecificationTest
1 Acai Berry ExtractEuterpe Oleracea L.4:1TLC
2 American Ginseng ExtractPanax quinquefolius80%GinsenosideUV-VIS
3 Baical Skullcap Root ExtractScutellaria baicalensis20%-95% BaicalinUV-VIS
4 Bilberry ExtractVaccinium Myrtillus L25%AnthocyaninsUV-VIS
5 Broccoli Seeds ExtractBrassicaoleracea L.0.8%%SulforaphaneHPLC
6 Echinacea ExtractEchinacea Purpurea4%Chicoric AcidHPLC
7 Feverfew ExtractTanacetum parthenium L.0.8%ParthenolideHPLC
8 Ginkgo Biloba ExtractGinkgo biloba24%FlavonesHPLC
9 Ginseng ExtractPanax ginseng C. A. Mey80%GinsenosideUV-VIS
10 Gotu Kola ExtractCentella asiatica90%AsiaticosideHPLC
11 Green Coffee Bean ExtractCoffea Arabica L45%Chlorogenic acidHPLC
12 Ginger ExtractZingiber officinale5% 6-GingerolHPLC
13 Grape Skin ExtractVitis Vinifera L.5%,10%ResveratrolHPLC
14 Giant Knotweed ExtractPolygonum Cuspidatum50%,98%ResveratrolHPLC
15 Griffonia Seed ExtractGriffonia Simplicifolia.50%,98% 5-HTPHPLC
16 Horny Goat Weed ExtractEpimedium Brevicornum10%-98%IcariinHPLC
17 Honeysuckle flower ExtractFlos Lonicerae98%Chlorogenic AcidHPLC
18 Marigold Extract/LuteinTagetes erecta L.20%LuteinHPLC
19 Mangosteen ExtractGarcinia mangostana L10%α-mangostinHPLC
20 Macleaya Cordata ExtractMacleaya cordata60%Total AlkaloidHPLC
21 Mulberry Leave ExtractMorus alba1%1-DNJHPLC
22 Milk Thistle ExtractSilybum marianum80%SilymarinUV-VIS
23 Lo Han Guo ExtractMomordica Grosvenori80%MogrosidesUV-VIS
24 Red Clover ExtractTrifolium pratense8%IsoflavinesHPLC
25 Rosemary ExtractRosmarinus officinalis10%Rosmarinic acidHPLC
26 Rhodiola Rosea ExtractRhodiola rosea3%RosavinsHPLC
27 St. John s Wort ExtractHypericum perforatum0.3%HypericinHPLC
28 Tongkat Ali ExtractEurycoma Longifolia Jack100:1,200:1TLC
29 Turmeric ExtractCurcuma Longa L.95%CurcuminHPLC
30 Irvingia Gabonensis ExtractIrvingia Gabonensis7% Albumins,10:1UV-VIS
31 Devil's Claw ExtractHarpagophytum procumbens5% HarpagosideUV-VIS
32 Olive Leaf ExtractOlea europea L20%OleuropeinHPLC
33 Pomegranate ExtractPunica granatum L.40% ellagic acidUV-VIS
34 Saw Palmetto ExtractSerenoa repens25% Fatty AcidGC
35 Soybean ExtractGlycine max.40% IsoflavonesHPLC
36 Cnidium Fruit ExtractCinidium monnieri60%,80%OstholeHPLC
37 Raspberry ExtractRubus Chingii Hu98% Raspberry KetonesHPLC
38 Reishi Mushroom ExtractGanoderma lucidum40%PolysaccharideUV-VIS
39 Magnolia Bark ExtractMagnolia officinalis95%Magnolol+HonokioHPLC
40 Schisandra ExtractSchisandra chinensis9%SchisandrinsHPLC
Natural Plant Extracts Powder
No.Chinese NameEnglish NameLatin NameSpecificationTest
1 Magnolia Bark ExtractMagnolia officinalis2% - 98% Magnolol, HonokiolHPLC
2 Common Cnidium ExtractCnidium monnieri10% - 98% OstholeHPLC
3 Dan-Shen Root ExtractSalvia miltiorrhiza10% - 90% Tanshinone IIAHPLC
4 Artemisia ExtractArtemisia annua L.95%, 98% Artemisic acidHPLC
5 Rosemary ExtractRosmarinus officinalis5%-60%Carnosic acidHPLC
6 Red Chilli ExtractCapsicum frutescens L.5%-98%CapsaicinHPLC
7 Cortex Moutan ExtractPaeonia Suffruticosa99%PaeonolHPLC
8 Saw Palmetto ExtractSerenoa Repens25%-45% Fatty acidsGC
Natural Nutrition & Health Oils
9 Pomegranate Seed OilPunica granatum L.80% Punicic acidHPLC
10 Seabuckthorn OilHippophae rhamnoidesFruit OilGC
11 Schisandra Fruit OilSchisandra chinensis2%γ-schisandrinHPLC
12 Angelica OilAngelica sinensis40% LigustilideHPLC
13 Lovage rhizome OilLigusticum chuanxiong10% - 40%LigustilideHPLC
14 Ginger OilZingiber officinale20%Ginger oleoresinHPLC
Natural Aroma Essential Oils
15 Jasmine Essential OilJasminum sambacCO2 extracted-

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