Experts Share Products That Actually Provide Seasonal Allergy Relief

2022-06-24 22:20:15 By : Mr. Ashley Zhou

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Ditch your allergies without the drowsiness and headaches.

For many people, summertime means warm weather, sunny skies, and relaxing vacation days. For people who suffer from allergies (read: me), it’s a fun opportunity to be stuffy, itchy-eyed, and miserable while also being unbearably hot and sweaty. 

OTC medicines help, but my body seems to reject certain brands after prolonged use. After cycling through my drugstore’s allergy aisle like it’s a Golden Corral buffet, I decided to seek out some expert advice.

According to these skin, allergy, and air-quality experts, these products will kick your generic-brand allergy meds to the curb.

Few things can sour my mood faster than a bout of itchy, watery, painful eyes. Despite looking like I’m weeping profusely, my eyes feel dry and gritty, like they’re covered in dirt. Little did I know, my constant rubbing and scratching only made it worse. 

Dr. Audrey Kunin, board-certified dermatologist and founder of DERMAdoctor, says that rubbing and scratching the eyes acts as a “source of entry for secondary bacterial infection.”

To keep infections at bay, Kunin recommends Avenova’s Antimicrobial Lid and Lash Spray Solution.

This Lid and Lash Spray is the only lab-tested, truly pure hypochlorous acid that is patented and FDA-cleared. Our bodies naturally produce HOCl to fight off toxins and inflammation caused by bacteria. Thus, this solution keeps eyes clean and soothed better than any soap, eye drops, or contact solution ever could. 

To soothe irritated eyes after cleaning, Kunin recommends Avenova’s Dry Eye Lubricating Eye Drops. These gentle drops immediately soothe burning, irritated eyes so you can get on with your day.

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In my quest for allergy relief, I also spoke with a representative from Tivic Health Systems, Inc., a commercial-stage bioelectronic medicine company. I would have never considered electricity a part of any allergy solution until I heard about the Tivic ClearUP.

The Tivic Health ClearUP provides “quick relief for seasonal allergies without any side effects associated with traditional congestion medicine, like drowsiness, headaches, or dry mouth,” Tivic’s rep said. “ClearUP is a drug-free, non-invasive, small, hand-held divide that uses gentle electron waves to clear congestion and stop sinus pain in just minutes.”

Hundreds of five-star reviews on Amazon further confirm that the gentle electron waves help reduce chronic inflammation and congestion with regular, proactive use.

Finally, I heard from Dr. Fred Pescatore, a leading allergy expert who has worked with clients like Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson. He is also the author of The Allergy and Asthma Cure. I had never heard of Pescatore’s recommendation before, which immediately sparked my interest.

Pescatore recommends regularly taking Pycnogenol French Maritime Pine Bark Extract. “Studies have found the natural super-antioxidant to substantially improve symptoms of hay fever, such as burning, itchy, watering, or teary eyes, redness, sneezing and stuffy, runny, or itchy nose.”

This heavy-hitting supplement is sourced from maritime pine that grows along the coast of southwest France. Its unique blend of procyanidins, bioflavonoids, and phenolic acids offers general health support. This support includes an antihistamine effect that steels the body against potential allergens. 

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The only thing worse than dealing with allergies is suffering through them in hot, humid weather. And if you’re like me and have already tried every generic and name-brand allergy medication, why not try something different?

Spend your summer smiling more than sniffling with these unique, effective, allergy-fighting products.